Smell. Sound. Sight. Emotion. Depth. Thought. Touch.


Vibrance, Sound, Emotion, Depth


Lines, Circles, Swirls, Boxes, Dots


Rough, Smooth, Grainy


Curiosity, Relationships, Music, Arts, History, Life, Death, Love, Femininity, Romance, Self, Food, Fashion, Politics, Culture, Religion-Spirituality Fantasy-Mythology, 


Trees, Flowers, Land, Ocean, Sky, Universe, Weather

When you listen to your favourite song, or admire your favourite painting. When you watch your favourite play, or recall your favourite textures; the touch of soft skin, the feeling of sand between your toes. When you taste your favourite food, or smell your favourite fragrance. When you engage with your loved ones, or remember a personal victory,

It is in these moments you feel most alive

These ‘senses’ connect my soul to reality around me and painting is my way of expressing how they make me feel

My desire is to impart my expressions and evoke emotion in you