Periods. Contraception. Hot flushes. Sore nipples. Loving your hair. Hating your hair. Loving it again. Feeling intensely emotional. A bit more chocolate? Does my bum look good in this?……Thankfully there is a bit more to it than that!!

I searched the internet and in a nutshell it says that womanhood is defined as; the state/condition of being a woman rather than a girl; qualities considered natural/characteristic to women. I’ve been pondering this a lot lately and reflecting on just how much I’ve learnt over the years compared to when I was 18 (it’s my birthday in a few weeks, do you do this when your birthday is coming up??). With international women’s day coming up (Sunday 8th), and after hearing so many interesting things other women have learned and achieved, I got thinking about what makes us women increasingly awesome.

To me, womanhood is the journey of learning to be in touch with your senses, emotions, values and femininity to mature into the woman you’re meant (and would like!) to be. This covers aspects such as nurturing your inner and outer beauty, learning what keeps your mind and body healthy, learning what you need from life to feel fulfilled and learning how to nurture relationships. I believe that as we step by step learn more in each area, the more we are able to excel in life and uplift anyone we meet! I suppose that’s one of the reason’s I decided to start writing this blog. To share what has/is helping me in life in the hope it may bless you and start a conversation so we can all learn from each other. In this blog you’ll get to see more of my personality beyond being a painter. I’ll probably be talking about; womanhood stuff, things I’ve learnt in life, things I’m currently learning, what I’m eating, my interests, beauty products, and of course why creativity is life.

To all women and girls reading this, early happy international women’s day! Celebrate yourself. To everyone else, take a moment to celebrate the women in your life…and know you’re awesome too.

See you soon!


P.S I’d like to take a moment to remember the struggles women go through. Here are a few links to charities which support various women’s causes. Feel free to support any way you can, even if it’s just spreading the word.

Woman’s Trust (UK based) –
Mental health charity providing free counselling for women who have been victims of domestic abuse.

Young Women’s Trust (UK based) –
Helping young women aged 18-30 to get into work that is right for them, and in some cases helping them out of economic poverty.

Smart Works (UK based) –
Helping women who have an interview lined up with personal image and interview skills to get back into work

Malala Fund (global) –
Championing for every girls right to 12 years of free, safe and quality education. One of the ways they work is by supporting local education activists who have the best idea of what would help their communities.

Care (global) –
Helping women and girls out of poverty. Focusing on, supporting girls education, working with men and boys to promote awareness of gender bias, building livelihoods and more.

Wellbeing of Women (UK based) –
Women’s health research charity. Focusing on pregnancy and birth, gynaecological cancers, and genenral wellbeing including polycystic ovaries, endometriosis, hot flushes and more.

Here is a link which explains a bit about the history of health research and why women’s health research is so important:

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