I was praying this morning and I felt strongly that God wants His bride to wake up and thirst for Him.

In the bible we read that the early church continually gave themselves to fasting and prayers in order to follow Jesus. They were hungry for God and demonstrated this through fasting and praying. Fasting doesn’t only have to be from food, it is also from worldly pleasures and dedicating our time to show God that we are willing to turn our hearts towards Him and draw closer to Him.

Bare in mind, we don’t forsake things to be good enough for God or gain access to His love, God loves us unconditionally. What I mean is that the more we do give up for God after having received His love first, the more we can walk deeper into His love walk victoriously and experience it in our lives. I believe that the more we pray, turn away from sin, and give up things to seek God, the more He can show Himself to us. It is in fact mandatory if we want to develop a relationship and become Jesus’s disciple.

God promised us, if we draw close to Him, He will draw close to us. James 4:8 , Jeremiah 29:12-13

I bless you all with Abba God’s love and with a hunger to thirst after Him and His righteousness, in Jesus name, amen.