ELYSSE (pronounced elise) is a British science industry professional turned painter, passionate about imparting the richness of life through her work. She does so by painting and performing spoken word poetry. Known as “The Fierce Painter” her beautiful abstract paintings garner the interest of collectors from all over the world. Elysse is an expressionist and calls her style of creating Fierce Painting. The freedom to paint without thinking is what drives her, as a result, her works are energy charged, diverse, vibrant, colourful & emotive making them uniquely stunning pieces for any environment. Influenced by all aspects of life, Elysse’s works are inspired by what she calls The 5 Senses for creating (Colour, Shape, Texture, Behaviour & Nature). Elysse says that each painting shows elements of each sense, and invites the observer to look for them within her work – view gallery Questions? Get in touch elysse@elysseart.co.uk

Red Dress Portrait – Credit to Grant Fisher, Photographer

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