What Drives Me to Paint, Live, Love, Dare to Hope to Change the World & A Portfolio of My Art

ELYSSE is a British artist from London. She is a self-taught expressionist painter and has a background working in science. She is also the founder of social enterprise Dare to Hope and book project initiative Project 28 Shades of Grey which aims to strengthen the morale of those affected by poor mental health.

Elysse spent most of her life unaware of her talent, which she stumbled upon by accident! Now she paints passionately on creative impulse day & night in light or darkness, fulfilling her love for creating statement artwork. Elysse calls her style of creating Fierce Painting. The freedom to paint without thinking is what drives her, as a result her works are energy charged, diverse, vibrant, colourful & emotive making them uniquely stunning pieces for any environment.

Influenced by all aspects of life, her works are inspired by what she calls The 5 Senses for creating (Colour, Shape, Texture, Behaviour & Nature). Elysse often combines painting with her love for writing and uses her imagination to build a story around some of her pieces, like in The Revolt of Pluto.

In future, Elysse would like to learn how to sculpt and if she finds the discipline, learn how to draw portraits. Elysse’s other interests include piano, music, drawing, photography, debate, poetry, writing, fashion, afro-hairstyles, voice over acting & story telling.  She enjoys participating in open mic spoken word poetry events, and likes to write fiction for young children.

The painting in the photo is ‘Ecstasy’.

Photo Credit: Hugh Gilbert, Fine Art Photographer


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