Dare to Hope

founded in 2018 by Elysse A. Adjemon

“Boosting confidence & morale; for you to build the bridge between your present and your dreams

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Dare to Hope was founded with the purpose of boosting
1) Confidence in young people,
2) Morale in those affected by poor mental health.
Dare to Hope achieves its mission through various projects, workshops, activities, and encouraging art & creativity

“When your confidence and morale are high you can dare to hope for positive change and begin to possess the will power to make it a reality, in your life, in your community” – Elysse

Young People (Aged 16+)
Dare to Hope is currently trialing a new confidence building programme for young people. If you would like to participate please contact info@daretohope.org.uk for more information.

Mental Health
The first major project is book initiative, Project 28 Shades of Grey, which aims to form a peer community of support for those who have been or are affected by poor mental health

#Project28ShadesofGrey | Our Stories, Our Lives

“We may not know each other, but we fight together”

“Life can be likened to shades of grey. The good times are white, the bad times black and the rest in between. In years, I have lived through 28 varying shades of grey and am thankful to have made it this far (hence the name of the project). I wanted to do something special for my 28th to mark it as a reminder of where I have come from, so I came up with an idea of forming a peer community of support, through a book, for those affected by poor mental health. When you realise you are not alone it boosts your morale enabling you to dare to hope again.” – Elysse

During the bad times, it is often the little things which prevent the onset of darker shaded days. What really helps is being aware that you are not alone. Hearing stories from other people who have experienced similar suffering to you, gotten through and gone on to live happy lives is invaluable. It can cut through the loneliness and step-by-step help build back your self confidence.

What if, the moment you needed encouragement, you could just pick up a book and read other people’s real-life stories? Stories of all the weird and wonderful experiences they have had with their own mental health, overcome in their own way and the little things which helped them through?

If you or a loved one sends your story between 300 – 600 words, along with up to 28 reasons which keep you smiling, Dare to Hope will add them to all the stories received and publish them in a book.

The book will then be available for people to buy, read and be encouraged. Copies will also be present in hospitals.

Dare to Hope expects that reading real stories will raise morale. It will further reinforce that although the battle is tough things can and do get better. Elysse will also participate and include one of her own stories and reasons which keep her smiling. This project is on-going.

Book royalties will go back into advancing Dare to Hope’s mission and a portion will be donated to mental health charities such as Mind and Heads Together. If you believe in Dare to Hope’s mission and would like to contirbute, click the link below to donate on justgiving.com


How to Participate

We Need Your Stories

To participate, download and complete this form, write your story and email the form to mystory@daretohope.org.uk with subject Project 28ShadesofGrey.

When writing your story think ‘If this wasn’t my story, would hearing it have helped me?

If the answer is yes then the story is suitable

Mental health disorders can arise without warning for no apparent reason or due to horrific life events. There are no strict restrictions on the type of stories except that they should be related to mental health. Either your own experiences or experiences through a loved one.

You do not need to be an accomplished writer, just have the heart and courage to share your story in good faith. You may also choose to remain anonymous if you wish.

The stories should be between 300 – 600 words and you may also include a list of up to 28 reasons which keep you smiling.

–Click here to Download My Story Document–


Email all questions to info@daretohope.org.uk

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