Upcoming Exhibition(s)

Untitled Art Fair – Old Chelsea Town Hall, London – {31/05 – 02/06} 2019

Fierce Painting Workshops

Individual & Small Group Sessions – On client demand, contact elysse@elysseart.co.uk 

Future Projects

Collaborative Solo Shows
‘If Rain was a Colour’
Universe ‘Wonders in the Deep Black Sky’

Performance Events in London, UK

Live Spoken Word Poetry

Elysse expressively performing one of the poems in her book “Naked”
30th May 2018 @ The Book Club in Shoreditch
‘That’s What She Said’ a For Book’s Sake event

Live Debating

Elysse regularly debates current affairs topics (for fun!) with the
Great Debaters Club | Free to attend @ Tea House Theatre in Vauxhall
Wed 15th August 2018: ‘This House would legalise no-fault divorce’
Past Debates:
‘This House believes Russia is a strategic enemy of the West’ April 2018
‘This House believes social media is harmful to democracy’ April 2017
‘This House would ban sex for rent adverts’ May 2017

‘This House would erase all athletics world records set before 2005’ June 2017
‘Who should be in charge of Mars?’ Balloon debate, August 2017

Other Events

Young People Aged 14 +

What do I want to be when I grow up? – Confidence building workshop, coming soon


Elysse’s Universal Nudist Philosophy for experiencing the richness of life – Motivational talk, coming soon

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