NAKED: An Artist’s Life Philosophy & Portfolio Of Works


A book about Art & Life

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Can “Nudity” (metaphorical) build self-confidence?
What does it mean to truly feel alive?
By using a fresh approach of storytelling, poetry, prose and illustrations, British artist Elysse gives honest, thoughtful and compelling answers to these questions based on her personal experiences. Naked will surely leave you feeling eager to live your life to the fullest and express your creative self.
Join in on Elysse’s philosophy and learn how you too can Express, Create, and Live, More. This book also contains a portfolio of over 6 full colour paintings and over 5 humourous sketches for you to enjoy.


Lisa J – “Wow. I am an avid reader and I have never seen or read a book on art with so much depth and intuition. Elysse is an intelligent writer and very talented!”

Manprit S – “I think Elysse has done an amazing job in her book of being open and honest about her life, how she turned around tough times and how she came to be an artist. Definitely a must read in my opinion.

Carolina S – “Elysse isn’t just an incredibly talented painter, she is now also proven to be a fantastic poet, writer and curator. I loved her book Naked, it is witty, sensitive and insightful!”




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