“I didn’t study at art college, and honestly, I probably never will.
I paint what I want, when I want, with whatever I can get my hands on – I have no rules. If you’re here looking for ‘traditional technique’ I doubt you’ll find it… but, if you’re seeking to be taken on a raw, visual, colourful journey, then you may just be in the right place. Though my paintings differ, what triggers me to create is the same – I call them The 5 Senses. 
The 5 senses connect my soul to the reality around me and painting is my way of expressing how they make me feel. As an artist, it is my desire is to impart my expressions and evoke emotion in you. After all, isn’t life about the experiences we share?

COLOUR: Temperature, sound, emotion, depth
SHAPE: Patterns, lines, circles, swirls, boxes, dots
TEXTURE: Rough, smooth, grainy, bumpy
BEHAVIOUR: Curiosity, dreams, humour, joy, pain, relationships, music, visual arts, literature, science, history, romance, life/death, femininity, masculinity, self, food, fashion, politics, culture, religion/spirituality, fantasy/mythology, and more..
NATURE: Night, day, scent, life, trees, flowers, land, ocean, sky, universe, seasons

You can have a look at ‘The Revolt of Pluto’ to see which elements of the 5 senses you feel within the painting and story….then why not get in touch and tell me! elysse@elysseart.co.uk 

Always with love” ~ Elysse

Featured painting title: ‘Red Rain’